Thursday, June 12, 2014

EVENT: 2014 Picnic At Hanging Rock

So here it its. The big event I wanted to take my Sigma to ever since I bought it back in 2011. This is an annual event here in Victoria, Australia and usually happens on the Sunday closest to Valantines day (see for more info). It is hosted in the Macedon Ranges region, more specifically at the Hanging Rock park grounds. But due to extreme hot weather and bush fire danger, the event for the year 2014 was postponed 2 months to early May. And here it is! I got to the nearest town early to meet with a few Mitsubishi fanatics from the club so we could drive and park together, in formation.
Once we were inside the beautiful (but freezing cold) national park, we parked together and one of the Austarion club members even brought a Mitsubishi flag/banner to display next to our cars.
So as you can see, there was parked near my Sigma 3 Starions (including a rare-in-Australia wide body example) and an old rally Lancer with a worked Saturn 1.6 engine.
Walking through the show I also found a few other old Mitsubishis. Here they are:

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