Sunday, December 29, 2013

Project update: it's alive again!!!

I just spent the morning today plugging in and adjusting the last little bits on my project Sigma's new high compression Astron 2.6 engine.
The gloss black rocker cover and chrome air filter look great!
I'm really happy with the power and performance of this new engine configuration. The amount of extra power and torque is very noticeable. Keep an eye out for the videos I'll be posting here soon!
Here are the specs of the new engine configuration: Astron II 2.6 reconditioned block with slightly wider flat top pistons, heavily worked Astron I head with ported and polished ports, angled larger valves, ported polished and port-matched intake manifold, Crow Cams mild camshaft, Weber 34ADM (34/34) carburettor with custom jets, chrome sports air filter and a few more little bits and pieces. Estimated compression ratio is at least 10.5:1 horsepower is around 130hp to 150hp (will know a bit more accurately once I dyno it or run it at the drag strip). Should be even better once I fit the sports exhaust!!

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