Thursday, December 26, 2013

Project update: high compression 2.6!

Ok so last time I worked on my Sigma I installed a new Weber 34ADM carburettor only to find that the cylinder head had a crack in it, causing the intake manifold to be flooded with coolant. So instead of giving up on the car for a while and not being able to enjoy driving the Sigma during summer, I looked at my spare parts for a way to make the car work again.
So after some research, I decided to replace my second generation cylinder head with a first generation one. The second generation head is much better with larger inlet ports and valves, but a much higher compression ratio can be achieved by fitting a first generation head to a second generation block. Plus the first generation head I have is almost new, stronger and has been extensively ported.
So I ported, polished and port-matched the intake manifold.
Then I fitted a new head gasket, intake and exhaust gaskets.
Now all that's left is to bolt the big Weber carby and start it up! Oh and while I was at it, I painted the original rocker cover in gloss black! And yes the engine is still a 2600cc but I left the 2000 sticker on so it looks more original.

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