Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Project update: good and bad news... Weber carburettor fitted but cylinder head has a crack...

Ok, I finally fitted the modified (port-matched and polished) intake manifold, Weber 34ADM 2 barrel (with two 34mm sequential venturis)carburettor, chrome round high performance air filter and adjustable fuel pressure regulator and gauge.
I also took this opportunity to also advance the ignition timing to 12 degrees BTDC to make the most of the 98 octane Shell V-Power petrol/gasoline I use and the new (much better flowing) Weber and jetting settings.
But when I went to start the car for the first time with this setup, I noticed it was hard to start and steam was coming out of the carburettor. I then noticed some coolant leaking from the intake manifold. At first I thought it was a cracked intake manifold but upon closer inspection, I found the cylinder head to have a crack between one of the water galleries and the cylinder intake passages...
So what to do next? I have two options. Option 1, I save up for a reconditioned and ported (modified) cylinder head and hope for a power output of around 150hp at best, or, option 2, save up much more money and fit a Mazda 20B 3rotor turbo rotary (Wankel) engine like I always dreamed to. Watch this space!!

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