Friday, November 1, 2013

Project update: time to fit go-fast bits!

So I've been enjoying driving the Sigma around and to car shows and meets. But, even though it is already faster than when it had an old stock 2 litre engine, the Sigma is still a bit slow.
So what modifications do I have planned? Well my main goal for this Sigma is to build a replica of my first Sigma (the light blue one) and of my second Sigma (the Hemi Orange one), sort of meshing both together while still creating something new and different.

So here are the parts I will be fitting to my gold Sigma:

- Weber 32/36 single double barrel carburettor with ported and port-matched intake manifold, fuel pressure regulator with gauge and K&N polished filter.

- Roller rockers with hydraulic lifters and street-strip mild camshaft.

- 2 1/4" sports exhaust system (this is the one I had fitted to my blue Sigma) with sports ceramic coated headers/extractors.

- High tensile spark ignition system from later model Sigma (up until now I was still using the stock 2 litre older technology ignition system as it was easier to keep it and get the car drivable).

So keep an eye out for these cool mods and please be patient as I will be working on the Sigma over the next few weeks and won't be able to post updates as often, but as soon as each modification above is complete, I will post some photos and information.

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