Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project update: time to sort out the steering and front suspension

Ok now that the new engine is in and working perfectly, it's time for sorting out the steering and front suspension. Because of the age of the car, a lot of the bushes and ball-joints are worn and in need of replacement. While the suspension is being worked on, I thought it was a perfect time to replace the front anti-sway bar with a much better one from Selbys (blue one shown in photos).
The anti-sway bar itself is only a few millimetres thicker than the original, but it's much much stiffer.
Plus, new stiffer and stronger nulothane bushes were also fitted.
I'm not happy with the weird colours but these are the best ones available, plus it's not like you can easily see them once they are fitted anyway.
The link bushes (orange ones) are much thicker and stronger than the OEM ones. They are actually from a Nissan Patrol 4WD!
Our Sigmas have very understeering characteristics, so stiffing up the front anti-sway bar is one of the few things we can do to fix this. I do recommend you also fit one size wider rear tyres than the front ones too, otherwise the car might oversteer too much!

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