Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project update: new donor car!

Last week I found a local 1987 GN Sigma GL for sale, really cheap. It looked pretty rough, specially the body, with many rusty areas, faded paint, boot lid in primer, etc. Oh and it had a working LPG fuel system fitted too (although it is out of date).

But what caught my attention was the rare set of polished 1981 GH Sigma Turbo wheels (Globe Montego), like the ones I already have on my project car.

So I figured I'd go have a look and make an offer on the car if the wheels were indeed in good condition. Plus I figured only a true Sigma fan would fit these cool rare wheels to another Sigma, which would mean that there would have to be more cool, rare or custom parts on the car!

There were no custom parts, but there were a couple of rare parts (rare automatic transmission lever with black stiched leather cover on top) and the wheels, which included centre caps in great condition.

The wheels need a light re-polish, but all tyres are almost new!

And here is the best and worst of this car. The best was the fact that mechanically this car is in great shape, the engine has been reconditioned very recently and is brand new, including a new radiator, carburettor and fuel pump! The worst thing about this car is definitely the body, it has many rust holes and leaks quite badly around the windows and windscreen.

The engine will be perfect for my project golden GE Sigma SE, so I paid for the car and drove it home (with an unregistered vehicle permit of course). Keep visiting our blog for more on this parts car and project updates.

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