Friday, July 5, 2013

Ble's Supra powered Galant Sigma from Thailand!

Here's another one from our old archive, circa 2002. This car belongs to Ble from Thailand. It's a 1979 Mitsubishi GH Galant Sigma, made in Japan and exported to Thailand, as many others were.
The new engine is a mix of 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ GTE engine parts from a Toyota Supra. It's a Toyota Supra twin cam, 24 valve 3 litre strait 6 with variable valve timming and a mighty big turbo and intercooler!!!

The turbo is a GReddy T88 33D 18cm and the intercooler is a BLITZ Type-Racing 4" intercooler. Also part of the turbo set up is a GReddy Type-Racing Blow Off Valve and BLITZ Type-Racing Wastegate.

The engine also has HKS 264 in/ex camshafts with Custom Made Cam Pulley and a HKS GD Triple Plate clutch. The fuel system includes oneInternal Fuel Pump plus two External Bosch Fuel Pumps, SARD 720cc injectors and Fuel Rail from a 1JZ GTE VVTi engine. The Oil Cooler is also from HKS.

The gearbox is a 6 speed manual also from a Toyota Supra. Since the gearbox is so long, modifications had to be made to the transmition tunnel and to the gearlever/gearstick.

The interior consists of Recaro SR Speed front seats and ABARTH steering wheel. There are also quite a few gauges and electronic gizmos like a GReddy E-Manage Piggybag ECU, AUTOMETER Sportcomp Monster tacho, SARD EL Boost Guage, SARD EL Fuel Press Guage, SARD EL Oil Press Guage, SARD EL EX. Temp Guage, Fizz Turbo Timer and a HKS EVC Boost Control. The new dash also looks nice. It's out of a R32 Skyline GTR NISMO complete with a 320km/h speedo!!!

The brakes have also been upgraded. The front brake rotors are Benz 355mm and the calipers are from the Japanese Mitsubishi GTO (or GT3000 VR4). 

The suspension includes Tokiko Illumina Type-Racing in the front and Kayaba Dirt Spring TRD in the rear.

Outside, there is a Custom Made body kit, VOLK RACING Chalenge 18/9x10" wheels with Dunlop 235/40/18 tyres in the front and 285/35/18 tyres in the back.

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