Thursday, July 11, 2013

1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport in mint condition!

Many of us Sigma fans love the pickup/ute version of the Galant, which has been known by many names, depending what country it's from. First released in Japan as the Mitsubishi Forte in 1978, it was sold in many overseas markets as a Mitsubishi L200, Mitsubishi Mighty Max, Mitsubishi Triton, Dodge D50, Dodge Ram 50 and Plymouth Arrow truck. This particular mint example is an USA-market 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport truck.

The engine is a G54B 2.6 litre Astron 1 series four cylinder, 8 valve, single overhead cam engine with double counter rotating balancer shafts and hemispherical combustion chambers (yes you heard right, it's a Hemi!).

Even the interior is in close-to-new condition!

This little truck (aka ute or pickup) has had little use over the years and has also been well looked after.

You can find more info on this little pickup on the website, where it was recently for sale (it has been sold to an undisclosed buyer).

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