Saturday, June 8, 2013

1JZ powered Scorpion!

As we know the Sigma/Scorpion engine bay is actually quite large and able to accommodate many different engines, from rotary, four, V6 and V8 configurations. But any straight six cylinder is a bit of a tight fit, but it's still possible if you move the radiator forward and place it under the radiator support as opposed to behind it in front of the engine. Scorpions are particularly good for this since it has a slightly longer section in front of the radiator support due to it's longer nose.
The owner of this particular 1JZ Scorpion had first decided to fit a Chev 350ci V8, which was decided that engine would've made the car unregisterable. It was then decided a Nissan Skyline GTR engine would be the way to go, but that too was the wrong way to go as the engine was a bit too long and high, plus the intake and exhaust are on opposite sides to the stock engines, fuel lines, etc. Third time lucky, the owner decided to go with a Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo 1JZ 2.5lt engine, which ticked all boxes.
The Scorpion was fitted with a custom radiator with twin cooling fans, Malpassi fuel regulator, standard turbos @ 10psi running through a 400x300x80mm intercooler, 2.5 inch piping, VL Commodore internal and Walbro external fuel pumps, custom under-car 800ml fuel surge tank, Microtech LT12 ECU, 3 into 2.5 inch exhaust with two glass-packed 2.5 inc mufflers and a high-flow 3 inch cat converter. Behind the engine you'll find a Soarer 4 speed auto box, 3 inch custom drive-shaft into the stock Banjo 10 bolt differential.
The front brakes have also been upgraded to Ford BA Falcon brakes and the suspension has been upgraded with a VH Commodore Selby 30mm front sway bar, 1.5 inches lower springs all around and the car also runs power steering to help turn the 17 inch Nissan 350Z wheels and 225 (F) and 235 (R) tyres.
Photos by turbosigma to Wollongong cruise in Feb 2010 and car/build information from Zoom magazine issue 180:

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