Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project update: new mild camshaft by Crow Cams

I picked up today a new camshaft for my project Sigma. It's a mild street cam by Crow Cams and once fitted, together with the twin Solex carburettors and soon to come 2 and 1/4 inch sports exhaust, the old 2 litre Astron engine should be much more lively and fun! This camshaft came at a perfect time since I'm already removing the cylinder head to install a new head-gasket anyway.
Here are the stock camshaft specs:

Valve timing (opens/closes):

Intake=24 deg btdc / 64 deg abdc
Exhaust=59 deg bbdc / 25 deg atdc

Duration: unknown (approx. 268 according to an online calculator)

And here are the Crow Cams mild camshaft specs:

Valve timing (opens/closes):

Intake=18 deg btdc / 54 deg abdc
Exhaust=54 deg bbdc / 18 deg atdc 

Duration: 252

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