Sunday, August 5, 2012

55,000 visitors!!!

This blog has officially had over 55,000 visitors!! That's great considering we've only been up and running since late September 2009 (about 2 years and 11 months). Thanks to all who visited, please keep coming back and also please leave some feedback, suggestions, etc.
(the photo above was found on the internet a few years back, not sure who the author is or where it was found, it was sent to me via email from a Sigma fan years ago and has sat in my archive ever since. If you're the author please let us know so we can mention you and give you the glory!)

1 comment:

  1. Haha -it was me!
    I'd forgotten about this -I put it up on my Cardomain page about 8 yrs ago.
    It was meant to be an evolution of the GE sigma design but in a more modern style.

    Looking at this now, it kind of looks like a cross between the current shape Kia Cerato and a Volkswagen CC.


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