Monday, April 9, 2012

Project Sigma update: rust repair and finish fitting the twin carbies

Sorry for the lack of updates, as you can imagine I've been busy with family and Easter! But I have managed to spend some spare time working on the Sigma. I've had to do some body-work repair on the boot area to remove surface rust and fit new boot lid rubber as the old one was hard and not sealing much.
And as for the twin carburettors, it's all fitted except for some fuel hoses I need to buy and I also need to fit an electric fuel pump as there is no room for the original mechanical one. Luckly I already had a spare electric fuel pump from one of my old Sigma projects, so now I only need to wire it up and find a blanking plate to cover the hole on the side of the cylinder head left by the lack of the old mechanical fuel pump.

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