Saturday, November 5, 2011

FOR SALE: one owner 1979 Chrysler Scorpion...

Here is a great Ebay find that just came into my inbox: a one owner, all original 1979 Chrysler/Mitsubishi Scorpion.
The car is in almost perfect condition, the only little blemishes being a few small rust spots.
Besides that, the car has been looked after very well. The car seat covers were fitted when the car was new, so the seats were preserved and look like new!
On the outside, the rear window louvre was also fitted when the car was new so that also helped keep the interior looking like new.
The car looks great and has only done 94,365kms!!
This car is for sale very cheap, if you're in the Melbourne area, please save this car and keep a piece of Australian/Japanese history alive! Ebay link:


  1. G'day!!
    I purchased this car on Wednesday 9 /5 /2012.
    Obviously, you did not see the car in person!!As you know, photos make a car look better or worse than it really is!!! It needs a fair amount of work inside , as the seat covers hid the true condition of the seats!
    All the seats will need to be re-trimmed. The drivers side front seat is badly ripped (foam missing ) & the rest of the seats, front & rear are beyond cleaning!!On the good side, all the running gear is in very good condition. I will need some items , as I intend to restore it to original condition. If anyone can help me source some bits & pieces, I would be grateful.Regards, Ernie 0425 72 00 11

  2. Do you still have the yellow scorpion ?

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  4. Just stumbled across this page - did you get her back on the road Ernie. My starting base is a lot rougher :)

  5. Seth. Yes I did. Sadly, I had to sell it as Illness precluded me from fully enjoying it.There is a photo on my Shannons page under Flem20. Good luck with your project!!!

  6. Wow..Nice car seat cover and I like the colors. read me


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