Saturday, March 27, 2010

red GE Galant/Sigma from Thailand with Toyota twin cam turbo engine...

Here is another crazy engine conversion from Thailand. This car is a GE Galant/Sigma and the engine is a four cylinder twin cam turbocharged 4AGE Toyota engine.


  1. hi, my name's denny,,,i also mitsu sigma lovers from indonesia,i want ask you how you modified the engine with the gear box i mean how you connect that,,,it is hard or easy??

  2. Hi Denny, thanks for your post. This is not my car so I'm not sure what gearbox it uses, but I eould guess it is a gearbox from a AE86 Corolla (Levin, Trueno) as they used this engine originaly and had a rear wheel drive 5 speed gearbox.


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