Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Ebay find - a modifyed 1986 GN Sigma...

Here is another car I found for sale on Ebay recently. Not sure who the seler was or who the lucky buyer is.

The car is a 1986 Mitsubishi Sigma GN and it was restored from the ground up. The motor has a mildly worked crank, was shaved & balanced, fitted with 060" oversized pistons, 1994 TS Magna head (ported & polished) with a major cam ground down, no balance shafts, high pressure oil pump and modified sump that holds more oil.
The engine also has twin Solex side draft carbies, it's a very quick and reliable motor. The car also has power steering, 17'' alloy wheels, fuel cell in the boot, electric fuel pump and it has three gauges mounted in the A-pillar that display battery charge,water temperature and oil pressure.

Also worth mentioning are the twin exhausts, 7x10" speakers with amplifier, aluminium half roll cage and 3.9 rear ifferential ratio.

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