Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1980 Sigma Turbo...

Here is a nice example of a tastefuly modifyed Sigma Turbo. This one was for sale on Ebay-Australia last week.

Here are some of the modifications: 2.6 Astron motor, rebuilt Magna head, stage 3 Crow Cam, brand new Garret T3 turbo, cd 175 Zenith Stromberg carburettor, huge alloy radiator and thermo fan (front painted black cause everyone thought it was a front mount intercooler), 3" S/S exhaust (custom made by Custom Exhaust Specialists). Made 123kw atw with old turbo and head!

The gearbox is a GK GSR Jap gearbox, but a 3spd auto was fitted in place. The wheels are 15 inch Globe Montego wheels from the Sigma Turbo. The differential is a full spool diff centre.

The suspension has Pedders springs, Shocks and all Nolathane bushes. The interior is retrimmed, new plush carpet ( all black), custom dash (tacho with shift light, water temp, oil pressure,boost)

Good luck to the new owner and hopefuly the old owner buys and modifyes another Sigma too!!

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