Monday, March 8, 2010

1927 Ford Model T Hotrod...

Here is a 1927 Ford Model T Hotrod. What is it doing on this Sigma blog? Just take a look at the engine!

The engine is a 4G54 Mitsubishi 2.6 litre - fuel injected! Exhaust is standard headers into 2" single pipe and 2" offset muffler. The gearbox is a 5 speed Mitsubishi box with standard Hilux tailshafy bolted to Toyota Hilux Diff.

The front suspension is standard Hilux coil sprung top and bottom control arm and Toyota shocks. The rear suspension is re-rated Hilux type. The steering is a Commodore shortened manual steering rack. Front stubs Toyota Hilux with Ford Dalcon 11" rotors.

The chassis is a standard RN25 Hilux 2 wheel drive unit. The body is fabricated 1927 Model 'T' Roadster Pickup. The windscreen is Austalian Standards marked laminated material with 12 volt Landrover wiper motor. In the interior, there are 3 lapsash seat belts fitted, custom gauges and a wodden steering wheel.

Wheel & tyres are dragway type 5 bolt 14" x 7" front and 14" x 8" rear. Front tyres are Dunlop P195/70R14 and rear tyres are Yokahama P265/5014. This Hotrod also has a cockpit storm cover, soft top roof and fibreglass hard top.

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