Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decisions,decisions... Engine!!

Ok, I've decided that I'll definately be fitting a rotary engine to my Sigma. That said, my first choice is to fit a 20B 3rotor turbo engine, but these are getting rare by the day and expensive too!
All the photos on this particular post are of 20B 3 rotor engines. There are three main reasons why I prefer a 3 rotor rotary as opposed to a 2 rotor 13B: the extra capacity (2 litres compared to 1.3 litres) means more torque and more power, nothing sounds better than a 3 rotor engine and also because there has never been a 3 rotor Sigma anywhere in the world!
I'll have to wait and see how rare and expensive the 20B engines are when I actually start looking at buying and fitting the engine. If it's too prohibitive, then I'll be fitting a series 6-8 RX7 13B Turbo engine instead.
But no matter which rotary engine I choose in the end, it will be freshly rebuilt, dowelled and ported, with race seals, custom intake and exhaust high-flow manifolds and large ball bearing high-flowed turbocharger with water to air intercooler, so intake temperatures are always stable and no ugly front mounted air to air intercooler will be hanging in the front ofthe car.

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