Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The other modifyed Sigma I used to own...

Here is a small tribute to another Sigma I used to own. It was a 1979 GE Sigma GL 2.0 3spd auto. I found it one day for sale on Ebay and the body looked straight so I bought it (quite cheap) to use it for parts. This was back in 2006. But when the car arrived (by tow truck), I noticed it was just way too good to use for parts. So I decided to officially retire my blue Sigma (to fix it up properly) and use this nice original Hemi-orange coloured Sigma as my daily driver.
But after a while, I got tired of it's slugshiness and decided to improve it's performance a bit. Out came the original 2 litre Astron engine and in came a modifyed low kilometre 2.6 litre Astron engine. The new engine had ported and polished head, a mild cam, ported and matched intake manifold along with a nice big Weber carby and K&N airfilter under the custom and fully functional hornet style bonnet air scoop!
The interior and exterior were all stock except for the Volvo S40 interceptor-style wheels with beefy tyres on the rear (205/65R15) and low profile tyres on the front (195/50R15) for a drag-racer look/stance.
I also created a Cardomain page for this car when I used to own it. Here is the link:
I sold this car back in 2007 to buy my Series 5 RX7 Turbo, which I also sold, but more on that car later.

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