Monday, April 14, 2014

So the new high compression engine has been working well and has plenty of power, but there has been a small oil leak from the back of the rocker cover (aka valve cover) and it idles pretty rough too. So I decided to fix the oil leak by applying some silicone gasket maker to the rubber seal. While I had the rocker cover off, I also adjusted the valves/tappets and boy what a difference it made! The engine runs so quiet and smooth now, almost a bit too quiet. But it makes for a perfect "sleeper" as the car sounds stock but goes very hard.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates. A few things have changed in my personal life (nothing bad don't worry) and I haven't been able to post on this website as often as I would've liked to. So let's catch up shall we? A while back in January 2014, I had to upgrade the ignition system of my Sigma to better cope with the high compression 2.6 Astron engine. This included fitting a slightly bigger in diameter distributor, which then meant I had to remove the air conditioner compressor that was in the way. The air-con system needed re-gassing anyway so I thought for now I would remove the parts of the system that fit under the bonnet, but leave the rest of the in-cabin system in the car in case I decide to use it again.
So by removing the air-con compressor, hoses, evaporator, etc, we managed to save around 15 to 20 kilos! Yes this old air-con systems are quite bulky.
Another welcome weight saving came with the fitment of a smaller and much lighter crankshaft pulley.
The original pulley/dampner has 3 belt grooves: a small inner one to run a power steering pump, a middle one to run the alternator and water pump and the outer one to run the air-con compressor.
Compared to the original 3 groove pulley, the smaller pulley from the older Astron series 1 engine is about 1.5kgs lighter (3 groove = 2.5kgs, 1 groove = 1kg). This means not only the car has now 1.5kgs less to carry, but also means the engine's rotating mass is also lighter, helping in fuel economy, more usable power getting to the wheels and also helping the engine rev up and down quicker. Plus the engine bay now also looks tidier and less cluttered.
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This humble little blog has officially had over 120,000 visitors!! That's great considering we've only been up and running since late September 2009 (about 4 years and 7 months). Thanks to all who visited, please keep coming back and also please leave some feedback, suggestions, etc...
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here is the full dyno run video I found of what is possibly the world's most powerful Astron powered Sigma:
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